Athens Walkers is proud to be a small cooperative that operates all year long. We want to establish human relationships and build authentic friendships, something that can’t be matched by any large-scale corporate tour companies.

Our aim is for you to live a unique experience with us, deep in the magical landscape of the unseen side of Athens, which only we can offer you as guides who have a deep passion for the city of Athens and it’s civilization.

The walks are a moving of the body under your own ability in a specific direction. Moving, seeing, smelling, thinking, while discovery the impressive landscape of the city of Athens. The walks have been designed to present you the real life of the Greeks not just an imitation of a picture of other times. We are looking for the authentic representation of a real place. What is the difference between the Parthenon and the Aifel tower or the Brooklyn brodge? In this way the truth arises about the priciples of the local society such as camaraderie, hospitality, humbleness, the distinction between equals, having a common activity while understading the differences of each other.

After experiencing our walks and activities, you’ll return back from Athens with good memories, great photos, interesting knowledge, and of course, new friends.


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Our Team

Elias Evangelidis Athens Tour Guide

Elias Evagelidis

Hey fellow world travelers. My name is Elias and I am proud to be Greek and Living in Athens! My life has shaped so much of who I am today: how I walk, talk, what I eat, how I eat it, how I think, feel, and interact with people. I can’t help but feel that when I share Athens with folks that I am somehow sharing a part of myself as well. Even as a child my fascination for Athens history and mysteries were evident. As a teenage boy I study in a tourist idustry and working in a many Greek islands and Swiss(St.Moritz) at 2004 I came in Athens to study in a Drama school, I was walking every day in the old streets of historical center and had my head buried in books about the history of my beloved Athens. For the five years I have shared my knowledge and personal experiences with thousands of tourists from around the world. Last year I formed my own company “Athens Walkers” and we have taken off to be one of the top rated companies in Athens.

In many ways my life has been as diverse as the city I am living. Doing tours is just one of the many great jobs I have had throughout the years. For 10 years I worked in a hospitallity capicity and last years I am an actor working in Theater (sometimes) and now I am doing my productions and I can play what I want! .My first time like an actor it was at Epidavros theater one of the biggest old theaters in Europe of a play of Sofoklis “OIDIPUS REX”.

Also I am taking lessons of ancient Greek language and Tai-chi lessons. I love to share my expierence of this unique city of Athens to drink Greek wine together and speaking for this great civilization which is an other way of co-excisting!



Anna Lazou Athens Tour Guide

Anna Lazou

Born in Athens, lecturer in Anthropological Philosophy Athens University (since 2009); she studied Philosophy and Theatre in Athens and London. She worked for about 6 years (1984 – 1990) at Birkbeck College of London University under the supervision of Prof. Roger Scruton (Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy et c.) initially for an M(Phil) and later for a PhD Dissertation on the Philosophy of Ancient Greek Dance (“Human Agency in Dance and Drama” Suggested title – unfinished).

She had a child at 1985 and after a break of her studies abroad she worked for Athens University as assistant lecturer and submitted her PhD Dissertation to the Philosophy Department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2006 with the title Man, Nature and Action in the texts of the young Karl Marx and the perspective of linguistic philosophy, with supervisor Prof. Theodosis Pelegrinis. She has received a theatre acting diploma, a diploma in music (classical guitar and theory). She lives in Athens and works for amateur theatre plays that she creates with her students and other artists that follow her artistic groups Drys and Dryos Topoi. Author of various dissertations and articles, among them, Orchesis – Texts on Ancient Greek Dance –in English and “Mental Events and the Body: The case of the stage action of the actor”, article in Greek (edit. Prof. Marika Thomadaki). At present she teaches philosophy and theatre; she composes and directs plays for University theatre and dance theatre (Wittgenstein – Βιτκενστάιν 1991-2004, Nekyia-the archetypal journey 2004 -2006, Wild Roses – Mysterion 2007 – 8, Woman Prometheus 2009 – 2010). She learns traditional dances, occasionally writes poetry and prose. She has directed, Sophocles’ Antigone, Euripides’ Hippolytos and Bacchants, Aristophanes’ the Birds and Peace, Bertolt Brecht, Saint Joan of the Slaughtyards, B – M Koltes, Combat de Negre et de Chiens etc.); she has organised and participated in festivals, workshops and symposia for the above areas of interest. She intends to start an international program of body and dance techniques and philosophy for life long learning and therapy in the context of Athens University and finalise her long term research on ancient Greek dance and drama for a future publication.




Zouras Dimitris Athens Tour Guide

Zouras Dimitris

I have been practicing martial arts for 25 years, 20 of which I deal with internal martial arts (Tai Chi Chuan, Pakua Chang, Hsing I).

I began to learn the art of Tai Chi Chuan (the Yang style) in 1990 with the teacher Peter Kouropoulos. Since 1992 I am a student of Sifu Dan Docherty and personal student of Sifu Yannis Patsios representing the Wudang Tai Chi Chuan in Greece.

I’ve also learned the arts of Hsing-I Chuan and Pakua Chang from Alan Peatfield and Jan Lang.
For the last 15 years I have been teaching Wudang Tai Chi Chuan in organized groups, private lessons and seminars in Athens and all over Greece.



Yoryos (George) Stylianopoulos Athens Tour Guide

Yoryos (George) Stylianopoulos

My name is Yoryos. I’ve lived in Athens my whole Athens.

I consider myself a traveler. Literaly and metaphoricaly. I’ve been in a lot of places and I’m planning for many more! But my major journey is one of the arts. I’m an actor and director, a photographer and a camera man, a biker and a walker.

My big love is theater, but biking is also a big one! I’m biking since a kid (like most greek kids) but I got my first “decent” ride on 94. My first go was at the acropolis. Since then I’m biking all arround Athens, short or long distances. Biking is a way of life and of course my mean of transport.

I really like meeting new people and share whatever I know about my place, my people, myself but I like even more to learn new things from other people.

Since I like helping people, I’ve also took up massage on the way, so that I can add a physical layer to my communication with others.

So if you like to find out how’s Athens by bike or some interesting photo shooting spots or just want to relax after a tiring excursion…