Ancient Greek Drama



120 € per person for 1 day workshop*

390 € per person for 1 week courses

* a free Heritage Walk is included


Ιmagine yourself standing in the Theatre of Dionysus at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens, surrounded by the relics from the society where western theatre began. Participants in the one week intensive workshop will explore the great dramatic works of the ancients while engaging in creative writing and acting. You will be inspired by the country of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes while being immersed in the vibrant modern city of Athens.

The Greek Theatre Workshop is for participants interested in honing skills in playwriting and acting on the site where Western Theatre was born. Participants will select their focus track for the workshop. Both focus groups will work collaboratively to develop and stage original work inspired by the Ancient Greeks.

Writer’s Focus: Involves the study and practice of script analysis and development for the stage.

Actor’s Focus: Methods of classical acting, character development, mask and movement and vocal projection will be explored. Scenes and monologues from classical plays and modern plays inspired by the ancients will be presented along with pieces generated in the Writer’s Focus group.

Building on existing programs, this workshop promises to be a significant addition to the Greek language, poetry, and art classes currently offered. The theatre workshop will take place all the year.

The workshop will be participatory in nature. All participants will write scenes and monologues or study and perform scenes from Greek classics which will be discussed and critiqued in workshops. In one week will culminate in staged readings of selected writings generated in the daily workshops. Seminars will be led by Anna Lazou and Elias Evaggelidis. The program is designed for both novices and experienced writers and promises to be a stimulating opportunity for personal creative growth.