Athens in a Day

Private Walks
Odeon of Herodes Atticus


25 € per person, 6 - 13 persons


Ranges about 4.5 hrs


“Athens in a day” is for travelers who visit Athens for few days and planning to go on a Greek island afterwards. At this tour you will see all the main sights of Athens. This is the best tour to see the city of Athens in just a day!

Athens began its history in the Neolithic as a hill-fort on top of the Acropolis, sometime in the turn between the fourth and the third millennium BC. The Acropolis is a natural defensive position which commands the surrounding plains. The settlement was about 20 km (12 mi) inland from the Saronic Gulf, in the centre of the Cephisian Plain, a fertile dale surrounded by rivers. To the east lies Mount Hymettus, to the north Mount Pentelicus.