Food Tasting



48 € per person
Personal or in a group. Maximun 12 persons


Ranges about 2 hrs


The Greek cuisine, with its wide variety of high quality ingredients and its wisely considered and highly beneficial combinations which encapsulate the knowledge of centuries, enjoys a privileged position in the global culture of taste alternatives. Greece is characterized by its numerous islands and the rugged terrain of the mainland. This morphological diversity creates “worlds within worlds”. A trip to Greece means a fascinating exploration of tastes, flavours, unexpected combinations and endless variety.

Common characteristics are the excellent raw ingredients and flavours specific to Greece: oregano, thyme, bay leaves, rosemary, lemon, and, of course, olive oil.

During this two -hour food tasting you will “be seated” in a cozy wine-daily bar tasting local tranditional products all over Greece cuisine (enough for a satisfying lunch). All serving to create a kaleidoscope of tastes!

Tastings served from all of the Greek products listed below:

Graviera from Creta island,
Kalamon olives,
Feta Vitinas,
Ladotiri from Mytilene-(P.D.O.),
Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil served with greek grusty bread (horiatiko psomi),
Evias dried figs (P.D.O.),
Anchovies from Kalloni (Lesvos island),
Florinis Red Peppers,
Salami from Thassos island,
Smoked Trout,
Messolonghi Bottarga(P.D.O.),
“Ancient Greek” Olive Tapenade,
Cretan Rusks,
Metsovone cheese,
Evritanias Sausage,
Traditional Mani Siglino,
Macedonian tranditional pappers ,
Mantolato (nougat) from Zakinthos island
Traditional sweet preserves.

The food tasting with us you will discover the delicious cuisine, history, and culture of Greece which is so unique!

We CAN provide food substitutions for vegetarians, but unfortunately CANNOT provide food substitutions for any other food allergies (such as gluten-free or dairy-free). We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our Food Tours have been designed to highlight the best and most distinctive foods from each establishment. There isn’t always a “next best” option that meets the special dietary needs of each of our guests. Since we have your health (and palate!) in mind, we truly appreciate your understanding on this issue.

Enough food is served so that, for most people, lunch afterwards is not needed!