Hatha Yoga



60 € for 2 participants
25€ for every additional person


The lesson, open to everybody -with or without previous experience-, focuses on the basics of hatha yoga. Through the vital connection with our breath we experience the practical aspect of hatha yoga, while we become aware of yoga philosophy. Each participant works out, according to his own potential and needs, under the guidance of the instructor. The practice includes breathing exercises (pranayama), successive body postures (asanas), dynamic and passive stretches, relaxation techniques and meditation.

Hatha Yoga in Sanskrit means the union (yoga) between the sun (ha) and the moon (tha). Hatha yoga practice has numerous benefits for the participant: Culminates revitalization and liberates tension. It improves the mobility of the joints and the flexibility of the muscles. It reinforces the sense of balance. It strengthens the ability of body coordination, the breathing capability and the general physical performance. It contributes to the decompression and the extension of the spinal cord and especially of the thorax. It relieves muscle pains and promotes the harmonious function of the digestive and the endocrine system. It fosters the excretion of extra body weight. It encourages the toning of the muscle tissue and helps to avoid injuries. It deals with insomnia. It improves memory and the focus of attention.