Heritage Walk

Private Walks


60 € for 2 participants
15€ for every additional person


Ranges about 2.5 hrs


The heritage walk is in Filoppapou hill. Also called the Hill of the Muses, Filopappou Hill – along with the Hills of the Pnyx starting from the unique pedestrian way of Pikionis archirtector through the pnyx.

The Pnyx was the official meeting place of the Athenian democratic assembly (ekklesia). In the earliest days of Athenian democracy (after the reforms of Kleisthenes in 508 B.C.), the ekklesia met in the Agora. Sometime in the early 5th century, the meeting place was moved to a hill south and west of the Acropolis. This new meeting place came to be called “Pnyx” (from the Greek word meaning “tightly packed together” and Nymphs – was, according to Plutarch, where Thesues and the Amazons did battle. Inhabited from prehistoric times to the post-Byzantine era, today the pine-clad slopes are a relaxing place for a stroll. They offer excellent views of Attica and the Saronic Gulf, well-signed ruins and some of the very best vantage points for photographing the Acropolis. The hill is identifiable to the southwest of the Acropolis by the Monument of Filopappos crowning its summit. The monument was built between AD 114 and 116 in honour of Julius Antiochus Filopappos, who was a prominent Roman consul and administrator. The paved path to the top starts near the periptero (kiosk) on Dionysiou Areopagitou. After 250m, it passes the excellent Church of Agios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris, which contains fine frescoes and continues past Socrates’ prison, the Shrine of the Muses and on up to the top.