60 € per person for Therapeutic
65 € per person for Traditional Thai


We welcome you in our hospitable enviroment. Come and enjoy a cup of hot tea in the taracce with view of the Acropolis at the historical center of Athens.


If you have specific issues that you would like to have addressed by therapeutic massage during your session, 60 minutes is a good choice because this will give us enough time to complete a full body treatment AND give specific attention to your chief complaint.

Traditional Thai

This technique is known as the most holistic type of therapy. It combines modern scientific knowledge of anatomy of physiology with the disciplines of traditional oriental medicine. It employs combinations of rhythmic acupressure, body rocking and deep assisted stretches to relieve muscular tension and enable more blood to be carried throughout the body. A series of gentle techniques are carried out on the floor using feet, knees, elbows, palms, forearms and thumbs.